Razer’s IPX4 ANC True Wireless Earbuds Are Now THX-Certified

Although Razer is most known for its impressive lineup of gaming goods — including everything from performance PCs to premium desk peripherals — the multinational tech outfit has been gradually rounding out its options to include more mobile-friendly items.

Dubbed the Hammerhead True Wireless Pro, the newest Razer audio release is an iteration of the original Hammerhead True Wireless earbuds, optimized for improved mobile gaming performance. Like their predecessor, they come with Razer’s trademark Game Mode, a feature that reduces latency to 60ms during gaming in order to provide for a more seamless audio and video experience. However, the Pros now feature advanced hybrid active noise cancellation (ANC). In practice, this means that the Hammerhead Pros utilize a set of four microphones to detect exterior noise, at which point they’ll kick in and generate inverse sound waves in order to keep you free from distraction. But the biggest addition comes in the form of THX-Certified sound. With clearer vocal details and deeper distortion-free bass, the Hammerhead True Wireless Pros make for a top-notch gaming audio experience. And with IPX4 waterproofing and 20 hours of battery life per charge, they’re even capable options for day to day wear. Buy them now for $200.

Purchase: $200