Razer Deviates From Video Gaming With The High-End ‘Book 13’ Work Laptop

Razer’s name is synonymous with gaming, whether it be the construction and cultivation of cutting-edge computer platforms or RGB-fueled accessories. Rarely does the company divert from its traditional terminology — but when it does, it’s remarkably notable. Now, the brand has announced its first productivity-based laptop, the Book 13.

For those of you who were a fan of the discreet GPU layout of the brand’s Stealth laptop, you’ll be disappointed to hear that the Book 13 features an integrated Iris XE option that won’t allow for expansion at a later date. Since it’s compatible with the brand’s external GPU options, that’s not the end of the world, especially if you’re buying this laptop solely for its utilitarian poise. It features a 16:10 aspect ratio screen that can be ordered in a 13-inch 1920×1200 matte, 1920×1200 touchscreen, and 4K touch option, complementing its lightweight aluminum unibody design. Because of its unique construction, the laptop clocks in at around 10% less than its counterparts in terms of weight, making it a joy to utilize throughout the day. The choice between an 11th-generation Intel Core i5 or i7 CPU, varying RAM capacities, and SSDs allow for versatile use in a variety of mediums, making the Book 13’s $1,200 price tag a bit more attractive. Head to Razer’s website to learn more.

Purchase: $1,200