Ray Super Remote Control

If you just can’t cut the cable cord, yet still want a better TV-watching experience, perhaps a new remote control will do it for you. Ray, billed as a “super remote,” looks like it has some real nice potential.

First things first, Ray cuts a very sleek and attractive profile, led by a high resolution, 4.8-inch touchscreen that has a unique aspect ratio, so its shape resembles a traditional remote – long and lean – rather than a smartphone, with physical buttons on the side for volume. But the big hook here is Ray’s promised ability to quickly learn what kind of shows you like, then send you to them with ease. The device itself runs Android and comes with Wi-Fi and an IR blaster that’s designed to connect with any type of box you have in your rack. There’s also a built-in mic, as well as Bluetooth and ZigBee radios, so you’ll be able to control thermostats, light bulbs and other connected devices in your home. [Purchase]

Ray Super Remote Control 3

Ray Super Remote Control 4

Ray Super Remote Control 5

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