Ray-Ban General Sunglasses

Photo Courtesy USMC Archives

General Douglas MacArthur was something else. The celebrated ‘Big Chief’ hailing from the old west did everything from running reconnaissance missions during the U.S. occupation of Veracruz, to fighting in the trenches of WWI, and leading troops in the Pacific Theater of WWII. While he’s mainly remembered for these accomplishments, he was also a style icon of sorts. He spent much of his career clenching a corn cob pipe in his jaw and shading his eyes with a mean pair of aviators, a style that Ray-Ban has replicated and called The General.

Originally released by the Arkansas-based sunglasses company back in 1987 as an homage to the Medal of Honor winning General, the iconic style has just received an update. The new pair have the same grill you’d expect on a pair of aviators – upper bold bar and all – but what makes them different are the more squared off sides of the lenses that give them an aggresive look. Fitting, we think. The frames can be purchased in up to 8 different colors, with prices start at $160. [Purchase]

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