Ray-Ban Created An 18K Solid Gold Take On Their Classic Aviator Sunglasses

Ray-Ban’s Aviators are one of the most iconic sunglass silhouettes ever created, and they’ve been the epitome of laid-back cool for decades. And while the roots of Ray-Ban’s flyboy shades are decidedly utilitarian, the Italian brand is taking the frames into seriously luxurious territory with a limited-edition solid gold Aviator.

The Ray-Ban Aviator Solid Gold boasts frames that are crafted from solid 18K gold, making for the most ultra-luxe pair of the classic shades ever. Paired with the precious metal frames are Ray-Ban’s trusty green-hued G15 polarized glass lenses, and every pair comes with a real leather case and a certificate of authenticity. Ray-Ban is making just 84 pairs of Solid Gold Aviators, and each is individually numbered inside the temple. Available exclusively from Ray-Ban’s website, a pair of the Aviator Solid Gold will set you back $3,454 — which is just a tad more expensive than the $161 gold-tone Aviator Classic.

Purchase: $3,454