RattlerStrap Titan Paracord Survival Belt

When it comes to requiring life-saving paracord in desperate situations, there’s only so much a bracelet can offer. However, the crew over at RattlerStrap went ahead and answered the question for us regarding the possibility of a paracord belt. The answer? Totally awesome. At least that was our opinion when we stumbled upon the Titan Paracord Survival Belt.

Each belt is weaved together with no less than 80 feet of 550 utility cord. That’s plenty of rope to assist you in the case of an emergency. It’s also a universal fit since the belt’s prong can simply fit anywhere through the cord thus eliminating the need for any holes. Also, if a crisis does strike and you need to unravel the belt, simply send it back to RattlerStrap and the good folks over there will re-make the belt for you free of charge. Because you shouldn’t be penalized for saving yourself or someone else in need. Available now for $97. [Purchase]