Ratio Coffee Maker

Ratio Coffee Maker 1
We’ve seen a lot of complex coffee machines recently; many of them quite impressive too. But one doesn’t always need their joe-maker to have built-in Wi-Fi. From the simpler-is-better camp comes Ratio, a high-class, handmade machine that doesn’t need you to jump through hoops to get a pot going in the morning.

A unique showerhead design lets Ratio uniformly saturate the coffee grounds, and it even determines the amount of water added to the tank and adjusts the brewing time accordingly. The materials are quite fine with die cast nickel-plated aluminum, Oregon black walnut, and boro silicate glass leading the way, and it’s those materials that promise to keep Ratio running for decades. The subtle white lights let you know how close you are to sip time, and really, that’s about as techy as it gets. [Purchase]

Ratio Coffee Maker 2