The Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Redefines Accessible Computing

In the world of technology, “innovation” is a term that you need to pay close attention to — especially when it comes to the exponential advancement of computing’s modern capabilities. Ten years ago, the thought of a quad-core CPU the size of your palm might have been dismissed with extreme prejudice — but today, products like the Raspberry Pi 4 are met with adoration.

The Pi 4 Model B is, in fact, the collective mind behind a new generation of bespoke computer builds, boasting an advanced architecture that places it in an entirely different realm than the company’s previous 3 B+. Raspberry Pi has introduced two new, USB 3-ready ports to the contraption, alongside a quad-core GPU (and CPU) that are significantly faster than those of its predecessor. A pair of Micro HDMI ports give users the ability to operate two 4K-enabled monitors at once — and with an expandable RAM setup (allowing you to utilize up to 4GB of memory), modern computing has become all-the-more accessible. The Raspberry Pi 4 “Model B” is available now for $35+.

Purchase: $35+