Rareform Billboard Bags

Do you ever wonder what happens to the billboards that are no longer being advertised? They’re usually trashed, and currently account for thousands of tons of waste every year. Now, one company has found a way to reduce that landfill clutter by re-purposing these billboards into bags of all sorts.

Rareform is a California-based business that takes these old billboards and crafts them into travel bags, surf bags and snowboard bags, eliminating a large volume of trash in the process. The process was inspired by a trip to El Salvador where the owners found locals utilizing billboard materials for housing. These billboards are made out of vinyl, so they’re easily reused for other things, which is why they make great surf and snowboard bags. Each billboard used typically results in about surf bags or 100 smaller tote bags or backpacks, excluding any recognizable logos, faces or images (they cut all of that out). [Purchase]

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