Rapha Explore Cycling Shoes

Whether you spend the majority of your time on or off your bicycle, there’s a good chance that you enjoy stepping into a pair of well-fitting cycle shoes for your daily commute. While England’s Rapha Performance Sportswear has been catering to road-faring aficionados for quite a while, they’ve yet to make a cycling shoe “in-house” that can be worn on (and off) the blacktop — but that’s about to change with the brand’s recently announced Explore footwear.

Rapha’s interesting new shoe integrates all of the dominant traits of the cycling apparel brand’s earlier footwear, which was made in conjunction with Giro. Two-bolt SPD support and a lightweight carbon footplate ensure a one-of-a-kind cranking experience, while a stiffened walking sole feels right at home while you’re on the bike, and even more so while on foot — bridging the gap between unadaptable cycling footwear and comfortable all-terrain cleats. An ultra-grip outsole ensures that you’ll never miss a beat when you’re walking on a variety of surfaces. The Explore cycling shoes even come in a bevy of aesthetically pleasing colorways, so don’t fret — you’ll still be able to turn some heads on your favorite route.

Purchase: $295