Head Into Space’s Final Frontier With Land Rover’s Limited Astronaut Edition

Whether you’re an avid connoisseur or one of the lucky few actually taking the sub-orbital trip, Richard Branson’s company, Virgin Galactic, is primed and ready to take you into the great unknown. Interestingly enough, the space-faring organization is redefining what it means to become a “Future Astronaut,” bolstering its promise of commercial missions with an exclusive offering from England’s revered vehicle manufacturer, Land Rover.

If you’re the type with some “additional funds” laying around, it might have come to your attention that, for just $250,000, Branson’s Virgin Galactic is offering consumers the opportunity to secure a spot on one of the company’s very first sub-orbital flights. As a part of a five-year partnership with the group, Land Rover is retrofitting its popular Range Rover SUV with mission-oriented memorabilia — an exclusive platform that will only be available to ticket holders for the upcoming expedition. Dubbed the “Astronaut Edition,” the 518-horsepower, 5.0-liter V8 vehicle will arrive dressed in Zero Gravity Blue paint, inspired by the night sky, alongside various embellishments that annotate your participation in the groundbreaking flight. Everything from Virgin Galactic’s Future Astronaut community constellation pattern, SpaceShipTwo graphics on the vehicle’s headrests and glove compartment, and dual-disc cupholders derived from the landing skid of Spaceship Unity, all the way to branded quotes from Branson, Land Rover’s limited platform is sure to provide the perfect nightcap for those taking part. However, prospective buyers will still need to adhere to the company’s listing price — a healthy $144,295 — for their own commemorative souvenir.

Purchase: $144,295