Range Rover Sentinel Armored SUV

Although the Range Rover is billed as a more city-friendly SUV, it’s still plenty capable for just about any adventure. Of course, if you’re a foreign dignitary, super spy, or someone who needs a bit more protection, you’ll probably find it wanting. Or at least it used to be until Jaguar Land Rover announced the Sentinel armored SUV.

Created by the brand’s Special Vehicle Operations subdivision, this luxury 4×4 SUV has everything you’d expect and more. That includes a new supercharged 5.0-liter V8 engine with 375 horsepower — 39 more ponies than previous additions. But you’re going to need all that power to haul around the vehicle’s other additions, like a whopping ton of armor plating and bulletproof glass that has given the Sentinel both ballistic and blast certifications. They’ve even equipped it with run-flat tires that can travel up to 30 miles at speeds of up to 50 mph even if they’re damaged. If you’re the type to need extra protection in your travels, the Range Rover Sentinel armored SUV is the ride for you.

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