Rand Picnic Boat

Why picnic on the grass when you can do it on a boat? This 16-footer is built specifically to accommodate nice afternoons on the water with some good friends, prosciutto, and maybe a cool rye manhattan.

With a big metal steering wheel, simple lines along the hull, and a nice dark-blue color, this picnic boat by Rand has a really striking aesthetic to it. It isn’t just about looks though, this vessel is designed for fun. The rounded edges along the hull make jumping in and out of the boat a breeze, and the adjustable table can seat up to 10. The electric engine makes it so you don’t need any special license to pilot this ship – and its light weight (around 620 pounds) makes towing it a breeze. You can become a captain for $10,000. [Purchase]

Rand Picnic Boat 2

Rand Picnic Boat 3

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Rand Picnic Boat 5

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