‘Ralph Lauren’s Polo Shirt’ Book Is A Deep Dive Into An Enduring Fashion Phenomenon

Regardless of your personal fashion preferences, there’s no denying the global phenomenon that is the Ralph Lauren Polo. For though the silhouette had been around since the late 19th century, it was only upon the introduction of the American fashion designer’s embroidered horse that the shirt style began to experience widespread popularity.

In celebration of the enduring icon, Rizzoli International Publications has put together a tome titled Ralph Lauren’s Polo Shirt. Spanning nearly 500 pages, the book examines every type of Polo produced over the course of its 50-plus year history, with the full range of colors, styles, and fits represented before the reader. But that’s not all — it also features a gallery of important public figures who’ve been influential in the Polo shirt’s success, including everyone from Leonardo DiCaprio to Bill Clinton to Venus Williams. Whether you’re a person who pops their Polo’s collar, one who dresses it up under a suit jacket, or even someone who ignores the look entirely, this book will have something for you. Because the reality is — it’s less about a simple shirt than it is about the cultural sensation that’s ensued. Ralph Lauren’s Polo Shirt will be available this March for $37.

Purchase: $37