Ralph Lauren’s 1938 Bugatti 57SC Atlantic Coupe

While we cover a lot of stellar vehicles — be they from private sellers or auctions — with tangible prices, some of the most exceptional and rarest of vehicles do not have a numerical price point, as they are contained in private collections. As such, it’s hard to pin down what might be the most valuable car in existence. However, Ralph Lauren’s 1938 Bugatti 57SC Atlantic Coupe is certainly in the running.

Originally designed by Jean Bugatti — son of the brand’s founder, Ettore — this is clearly a magnificent automotive masterpiece. But its beauty is eclipsed by its rarity, as only two are known to be in existence: this one and one that recently sold for $38 million. There was a third, however, it was destroyed in a train accident back in the 1950s. But don’t expect this beauty to hit the auction block anytime soon, as Lauren loves it so much, he just drew inspiration from the car for a new line of watches. Between its pristine condition (there’s a ton of original parts including horsehair-stuffed goatskin leather seats), extreme scarcity, and a powertrain said to give it a top speed of over 124mph (remarkable, considering its model year). It’s easy to see why this gem is estimated to be worth over $40 million.