Ralph Lauren Polo 11 Heated Jacket

Ralph Lauren has a heavy presence in style and fashion around the world, and with alternative companies infringing on the winter apparel industry, the brand has finally decided to unveil their most forward-thinking outerwear to date. Cutting edge technology and an iconic silhouette pair effortlessly with the brand’s trusted name for their most recent release, the heated Polo 11 jacket.

The Polo 11 marks Lauren’s triumphant return to the 1990s, sporting a timeless construction that harkens back to the ultra-collectible 1997 classic — a space-suit inspired piece of outerwear that was completely alien during its original conception. Lauren’s proprietary app, RL Heat, connects with the jacket via smartphone, allowing users to regulate their body temperature and crank up the heat during unbearably cold days. Made possible by a heat conductive carbon and silver ink, the heating element of the jacket was created to be fully flexible and extremely light, ditching the bulky contraptions used by other brands in similar offerings. Aside from the wide range of motion that the flexible carbon provides, an 11-hour Polo Mophie battery keeps the wearer comfortable throughout the day, while a 750-fill-power white duck down insulation helps to ensure heat retention, no matter the circumstance. And with endorsements from both NASA and the U.S. Olympic Team — who enjoyed RL heated jackets in PyeongChang — you can rest assured knowing that the Polo 11 is more than just a legitimate iconic throwback.

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