Rally Rd. Classic Car Investment App

Once upon a time, classic cars were only readily attainable by a select few, mostly those with deep pockets. Thanks to a group of young entrepreneurs, there’s a new app that helps everyday guys have a piece of the positive investment performance for blue chip classic cars.

A simple tap is all it takes on the Rally Rd. iPhone app to purchase equity for one of their classic vehicles. All the cars they have represent an asset class that has historically done tremendously well in the stock market and each one has been vetted by industry experts, acquired and insured. Also, Rally Rd. cars are professionally maintained, as well as monitored around the clock, and soon enough there will be live feeds so you can check on your car through the app. Each vintage car has photos, videos, records, receipts and provence, so you can be sure that everything’s tip top. Shares start at about $50 and the app is free to download.

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