Rag & Bone Star Wars Collection

Most Star Wars-inspired clothing lines end up looking more like costumes and less like functional everyday garments. Thankfully, Rag & Bone’s Star Wars Collection is not just another run of the mill collaboration.

Best known for blending an urban and military aesthetic, the NYC-based menswear brand was uniquely fit for designing a line of clothing inspired by rebel soldiers and imperial guards. Instead of simply miming costumes worn by the characters in Lucas’ films, designer Marcus Wainwright looked to more elemental parts of the classic movies like the color palettes, materials, and locations. The result is a collection that feels as much like something a loyalist of Rag & Bone would appreciate, and a Star Wars fan would covet. A few of our favorite picks include the bomber jacket, pullover sweater, velcro sneakers, and hoodie. This limited edition collection is set to be released on the 1st of December.

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