Radius V2 Titanium iPhone 6 Case

Considered by many to be the best minimalist case for the iPhone 5, the Radius V2 is the same sleek case you know and love, but designed for your new iPhone 6 or 6-Plus.

There are minimalist cases, and then there’s Radius. Dubbed an iPhone bikini by fans, this thing barely extends beyond the your iPhone’s sleep and volume buttons, and is hardly noticeable at all. The design is sleek and simple, but still provides protection without the signal loss we’ve often experienced with other snap and bumper cases. So what’s it made from? The Radius is built from a durable, extremely lightweight titanium that covers all 4 corners of your phone with an X-frame running across the back to hold everything together. The case ranges from $79 to $99 depending on your phone model. [Purchase]

Radius V2 iPhone 6 Case 2

Radius V2 iPhone 6 Case 3

Radius V2 iPhone 6 Case 4

Radius V2 iPhone 6 Case 5