Radinn Electric Wakeboard

So maybe you live in Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes, and you don’t know anyone with a boat. How do you get your thrills on the water? Here’s one way: the Radinn Electric Wakeboard.

Created by a pair of Swedish entrepreneurs, the current prototype boasts a carbon fiber body (total weight is 64 lbs.), a salt water-resistant jet propulsion system, and lithium battery pack that helps send you slicing through the water up to 29 mph. That speed is expected to be faster in the final version of the product. A handheld wireless and waterproof remote controls your speed, while the battery stays dry in a watertight compartment. It’s also removable in case you need to pop in a spare, as the makers say it should get you between 45 and 60 minutes of mixed speeds before running out. Going into production this winter, the Radinn costs $19,375. [Purchase]

Radinn Electric Wakeboard 2

Radinn Electric Wakeboard 3

Radinn Electric Wakeboard 4

Radinn Electric Wakeboard 5

Radinn Electric Wakeboard 6