This Brand Is Reviving USA-Made Period-Correct ’60s Shelby Racing Gear

In the 1960s, Jim Marietta and Ted Sutton were two of the individuals that worked with Carroll Shelby at his Venice race shop, and this has ultimately made the pair uniquely qualified and equipped to now churn out continuation cars of the Shelby G.T.350 Competition model. On top of massive demand from Shelby enthusiasts for ultra-exacting continuation muscle cars, Marietta and Sutton’s customers have also more recently been requesting authentic, 1960s-era race garments. Using genuine pieces of Shelby Racing clothing from the 1960s, Racing Division Inc. has created a line of newly-made period-correct Shelby team racewear.

Made up of half-a-dozen items that are made by hand in Los Angeles, the collection is anchored by the European Ford Team “Blue Jacket” famously worn by Chris Amon and Bruce McLaren when they won the 1966 Le Mans and a white replica of the Peter Brock-designed quilted 1965 Shelby American Team jacket. There’s also a crew vest from 1965 that’s a dead ringer for the actual items that now sell for over $20,000. The collection also includes throwback Goodyear Racing and COBRA exhaust t-shirts and the iconic blue Shelby American Team “bowling” shirt. Available now, the Racing Division Original Venice Crew Apparel Collection starts at $59.

Purchase: $59+