‘Racer-X’ Electric Motorcycle By Mark Atkinson

The advent of electric motorcycles has been a gift for the two-wheeled community, bringing a conscious image, increased performance, and futuristic trope to the industry that hasn’t been felt in years. One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is the overall aesthetic of the platform. Mark Atkinson, the designer of the dystopian BMW ‘Alpha’ Landspeeder, has set out to challenge that notion.

The “Racer-X” is a subjectively beautiful bike that neigh serves a purpose outside of the realm of dramatic design. But, the idea of rebellion makes the X all the more pleasing. The crux of the newly developed custom cycle was based around none other than an “X,” giving Atkinson the ability to orient the bike in a different fashion than he had before. Multiple pivot points were used to outfit the cycle with efficient suspension and steering capabilities, alongside an aluminum tube structure and carbon fiber paneling to cover the bike’s open source software-controlled servomotor. In effect, the entire bike is suspended in midair, utilizing an offset steering axis that dramatizes the traditional turning method found on modern bikes. A 38 kW battery system that was originally used to power a Nissan LEAF rounds out this technological wonder.

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