Rabbit Morphs The Classic Champagne Saber Into A Minimalist Masterpiece

Sabering champagne bottles — also known as sabrage — is a tradition with a rich history that extends all the way back to the 18th century. At the time, Napoleon’s light calvary favored the sabre for its curved blade and superior chopping action while on horseback. And, given that the French leader’s European campaign was tremendously successful, they often had cause to celebrate. Thus, the act of sabering champagne was born.

These days, the technique is typically reserved for military events and other high-profile occasions, but there’s nothing stopping you from adding an element of ceremony to your everyday life. Rabbit’s RBT Champagne Saber fits the bill perfectly, with a minimalist modern design complemented by some high-quality build materials. The piece itself is a pretty simple affair, with a sleek blade that flows into a beveled grip. In addition to looking the part, it’s also ergonomically angled to allow for easy opening — an important feature to have so you don’t botch that bottle pop. Set against a black steel display stand, it’s makes for quite the design-forward feature in your home bar. You can buy it from Rabbit for $125.

Purchase: $125