Rabbit Compact Bar Tool Set

It might sound odd to keep a bartending kit as a part of your everyday carry, but those who are serious about good cocktails understand the value of having the proper tools at all times. And if you fit into that category, consider yourself in luck, because Rabbit has released a superb pocket-sized Bar Tool Set.

Inside this kit’s blacked-out caddy, you’ll find a complement of six different stainless steel bartending tools – including a bottle opener, strainer, zester, bar knife, stirring stick, and jigger (the lid of the caddy itself). And if you’re keeping track, that’s about all you need to make just about any craft cocktail – with few exceptions. Whether you’re looking to be the savior of the party or you just want to be certain you can get a decent old fashioned in spite of your woefully ill-equipped host, stash this $21 tool kit in your pocket and you’ll be ready to sling drinks anytime and anywhere.

Purchase: $21