Qwart Phoenix Carbon Fiber Modular Helmet

Billing itself a “weapon of mass modification,” the Phoenix helmet from Qwart Lab is a marvel of a modular motorcycle helmet, being customizable, rearrangeable, and configurable to your preferences.

Keeping a trifecta of principles in mind – design, comfort, and security – Qwart Lab set out to produce a customizable helmet that will keep your head safe from harm. The Phoenix’s outer shell is made of grade-8 carbon fiber, and the helmet is lined with a double density EPS impact absorbing liner. Inlets and outlets in the EPS liner create channels of air to cool and circulate your head like a built in A/C system. The Phoenix’s screw-by-screw assembly emulates the engine of a motorcycle, making it a garage-tinkerer’s dream. Qwart doesn’t forsake fashionability for its high-safety parameters. The design is timeless, and thanks to its amenability, you can alter and tweak the helmet’s look. Secure your skull in style with Qwart.

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