QUQUQ Campingbox: Car Camper Conversion Kit

QUQUQ Campingbox

QUQUQ Campingbox
Now you can convert any ordinary van into a full-fledged camper van complete with a functional kitchen set, storage area, and even a sleeping quarters.

The German based QUQUQU may have a funny name, but the their Campingbox product is all business for outdoor adventure seekers. This all inclusive box fits right into any standard hatch, and requires absolutely no assembly or modifications to the vehicle. The 2 burner gas stove slides out from the left hand side where there is also room for pots, pans, and of course food. The center area was designed to store your gear, while the compartment on the far right houses water and stainless steel bowls. Now about those sleeping quarters. The foam mattress easily unfolds covering the back seats, providing a cozy bed to sleep at night. Check out the video below to really see this thing in action.

QUQUQ Campingbox 2

QUQUQ Campingbox 3

QUQUQ Campingbox 4

QUQUQ Campingbox 5

QUQUQ Campingbox 6