Quin’s Smart Moto Helmets Can Detect Crashes And Call Emergency Help

Originally launched in 2017, Quintessential Design is a motorcycle helmet startup that calls on the sensors, hardware, and algorithms of today’s smart-tech to deliver modern brain buckets bestowed with a host of advanced tech and features to make motorcycling safer.

Like all Bluetooth moto helmets, Quin’s three lids all feature Bluetooth functionality for music, calls, and GPS directions, though Quin’s items boast minimalistic control button panels that are built into the helmet’s shell design, allowing for an extremely low-profile. Quin’s helmets also feature what the company calls the “Intelliquin System” which utilizes on-board sensors to detect a crash — as well as whether or not the rider is conscious after the crash — at which point it can automatically summon help the rider is unresponsive. Each helmet is also outfitted with an SOS beacon feature that can be activated by triple-tapping the helmets’ call button. The three models are the $299 McQ: a vintage-style 3/4 helmet with a drop-down visor; the $399 Spitfire: a full-face helmet with an internal drop-down visor; and the company’s top-of-the-line Ghost: a lightweight 2.88lbs Kevlar-reinforced full-face race helmet available in the $639 Zero Carbon Edition and (a $659 Ghost Umbra Carbon Edition). All three helmets are available now on Quin’s website.

Purchase: $399+