This Luxury Polar Cruise Ship Will Take You To The World’s Most Remote Locales

Jan 22, 2020

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With more than 25 years of experience providing global exploration opportunities that spread a message of sustainable ecological and economic impacts, Quark Expeditions is a leader in the adventure tourism sector. Their fleet of well-equipped vessels have ferried guests to the most remote regions on the planet, and 2021 will see the addition of their ultimate excursion cruiser, the Ultramarine.

Joining the seasoned armada of four other expedition vessels and two ice breakers, the Ultramarine is the pinnacle of the line from Quark. Loaded with two twin-engine helicopters, the Ultramarine will provide arctic trekkers with the unique opportunity to access the tundra by air, offering new offboard heli-based activities not available otherwise. Onboard, passengers are hosted by a crew of 140 members in a series of upscale accommodations, including Penthouse Suites offering amazing views from private balconies, and can take downtime in amenities that include four bars, two restaurants, or the spa and fitness center. Currently booking for trips visiting Greenland, Norway, and The Canadain Arctic that embark throughout the 2021 travel season, take this opportunity to knock these frozen destinations off of your travel bucket list starting at $3,995.

Purchase: $3,995+

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