Quadsaw Square Hole Cutter

Imagine a world where installing electric outlets or any number of other utility plates was possible with a single drill. Where the job was executed in one fell swoop, one pull of the trigger, and without all the mess. If you’re an electrical or contractor you’re probably shaking your head in disbelief. Well, clearly you have yet to become acquainted with the Quadsaw.

Each Quadsaw features four separate blades specifically designed to cut through drywall in under 10 seconds. Now, cut perfectly shaped holes by attaching your power drill into the Quadsaw and use the adjustable handle ensure a proper cut each and every time. Also, the saw only cuts to a prescribed depth, meaning you won’t have to worry about running (and cutting) into any wires or pipes in the process. Best of all, it saves time and money since you will no longer have to worry about making good or snagging with each cut. Where was this thing when we were all working construction part-time? Available now for pre-order now for around $221. [Purchase]