Quadrofoil Q2S Personal Electric Watercraft

Few things in life are as rewarding as slicing through the calm aquatic surface on a personal watercraft. It’s man’s adaptation at its finest, building flotation devices that enable us to explore otherwise impossible landscapes for us to access. The Quadrofoil takes this to the next level, acting as a sort of hovercraft that propels riders up to 25 miles per hour on the open water.

It’s all possible thanks to C-shape hydrofoils that allow the battery-operated watercraft to attain height over the water’s surface, thus gliding across with ease. The hull of the Quadrofoil also offers stability and an aerodynamic shape that makes handling, even when airborne, a breeze for any Quadrofoil captain. It’s powered by two lithium-ion batteries that can fully charge in just four hours and boasts an airtight top module that’s practically unsinkable. The interior spared no detail either, mirroring its seating angles and dimensions, comfort and basic functionality, after luxury interior car designs. There’s also a formula 1-inspired steering wheel and a color touch-screen display to boot. This is personal water crafting at its finest no doubt. Pricing available upon request. [Purchase]

Quadfoil 'Q2S' Personal Watercraft 3

Quadfoil 'Q2S' Personal Watercraft 2

Quadfoil 'Q2S' Personal Watercraft 1

Quadfoil 'Q2S' Personal Watercraft 5

Quadfoil 'Q2S' Personal Watercraft 6

Quadfoil 'Q2S' Personal Watercraft 7

Quadfoil 'Q2S' Personal Watercraft 9