This Modular 6-In-1 Hammock-Tent Is Made From 100% Recycled Materials

Different camping locales and conditions obviously call for different types of gear, which in turn forces many of us to purchase separate pieces of kit for use in specific seasons or regions. Not only is this expensive, but it’s also fairly wasteful, considering the sheer volume of material used and the resources required to produce it, when weighed against how often it gets used. With this in mind, the folk at Qaou have brilliantly-designed the highly-modular six-in-one Belgua tent system.

Weighing less than 7lbs in total, the entire system is made from recycled materials including aluminum poles that are anodized using a special process that uses less water and chemicals. Modular and connectable, the system is comprised of a camping hammock cocoon, two reversible hammocks, an A-frame-style tarp, a roofed shelter, an awning, and a traditional tent. Free of any dyes, all the materials in a Beluga tent are made from recycled materials; the aluminum is anodized in a special way that uses less water and fewer chemical products. The Beluga tent is currently available on Qaou’s Kickstarter campaign where the minimal Beluga 3in1 (hammock, shelter, tent) starts at $168, while the full Beluga 6in1 starts from just $224.

Kickstarter: $168+