For people who live an active lifestyle, wearing a ring can be a real nuisance or even an outright safety risk. For unmarried folks, it’s easy enough to just take off whatever you have on your fingers, but for married men and women it’s not quite so easy. Having to take off your wedding band in order to do what you love is frustrating – the folks who ended up starting the California based company QALO heard people out on this, and found the perfect solution to let people be active while still showing commitment to their partner.

While active lifestyle wedding bands are not an entirely new concept, few do it better than the folks at QALO. Much more than a cheaply made, rubber band, each one is crafted out of non-conductive medical grade silicone, making it so you can still get out there and be active. QALO rings come in a wide variety of sizes and colors, and even offer an option to customize the embedded call sign. Available for both men and women, the prices start around $16. [Purchase]

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