Q30 Electric Yacht

Leave it to the Northern Europenas to make an electric boat of such icy, neuter design, like a steerable iceberg. Not to undersell the attractiveness of its look; the Q30 Electric yacht is certainly a marvel of elegance and simplicity, crafted by Q Yachts. Like the big white birds that fill Lake Geneva, the beautiful and all-electric Q30 Electric Yacht glides gently on the water’s surface like a swan.

The Q30 is powered by an electric propulsion system called Ocean Volt, which produces a smooth and powerful ride from a 20kW motor and 30kWh battery. With a hull hydrodynamically optimized for a comfortable ride, it’s almost impossible to get sea-sick on this smooth sailor. With zero emissions, and a noise-free propulsion system, the Q30 is a perfectly placid ride. Plus, the electric vessel has zero-emissions. A capacious cabin under the deck provides a perfect place to unwind (maybe eat some cheese and chocolate, and a nice glass of wine).

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