q-JAYS Earphones

You don’t often see earbuds going for $449, but then again, Swedish headphone maker Jays probably wouldn’t agree with that simple summary of their newest flagship in-ear model.

q-JAYS feature dual speakers built into each side, one for low frequencies and one for midrange and highs, with the promise being perfectly accurate tones through all of your music. With custom drivers and a low crossover filter, the frequency response is expected to be superb. Sexy durability is also a bragging point here, as the “precisely manufactured fine-tolerance stainless steel housing” gets complemented a matte proprietary scratch-resistant anti-fingerprint coating. Another perk: the q-JAYS are said to be the world’s smallest earphones made with exchangeable cables, with custom-made threaded connectors in each housing and options for dedicated cable modules for Audio Only, iOS, Windows or Android. [Purchase]

q-JAYS Earphones 2

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