PyroVault Lighter Armor

While Zippo lighters certainly rank amongst the best ever made, there are certain times and venues in which they’re a bit vulnerable to the elements, impacts, and more. Thankfully, however, you can still carry your favorite lighter, even on the battlefield, so long as you stash it in the PyroVault Lighter Armor.

Designed and manufactured in the USA, this handy spring-loaded case fits any classic flip-top lighter – including both butane and liquid fuel varieties. Once inside, those lighters benefit from improved water-resistance, weatherproofing, impact-resistance, and resistance to extreme temperatures. And while those features are enough to make this device worth using, it also features a MOLLE-compatible clip, so you can attach it to your favorite tactical bag. Available in a number of different colorways, pricing is set at $30 a piece.

Purchase: $30