Pyro Mini Fireshooter

If you’ve ever dreamed of blasting fireballs from your hands like a super villain, then you might want to check out the Pyro Mini Fireshooter, a new gadget that will allow you to do just that.

Last year, Elluisionist debuted the Pyro fireball shooter. Now, they’ve refined, re-tuned and have made a mini version of their fire-shooting creation. It can shoot a fireball up to 40 feet through the air, which is four times further than its predecessor. There are two main components, a small box with a velcro band that straps onto your wrist, and a smaller wireless remote that is used to trigger a fireball. The mini remote has a range of nearly 30 feet, so if you don’t want to wear it from your wrist, you can find other uses for it. It’s rechargeable via USB, so you don’t have to hunt down any AAA batteries. It’s available now for pre-order for just $147. [Purchase]