Pyle Street Blaster 1000W Bluetooth Boombox

For the most part, Bluetooth speakers ace the convenience test but fail miserably on  the party-power portion of the exam. The Pyle Street Blaster BoomBox is dead set on fixing that by churning out 1000 Watts of sound from its rugged body.

NFC (Near Field Communication) is also on board, giving you two options for how you stream your stuff. Pyle promises maximum bass performance and full-ranged sound, with adjustable settings for bass, treble, echo, volume, mic, and guitar levels. And yes, ‘guitar levels’ means there’s an input for one, along with a mic input, just in case you wanna put out a hat and rock the street corner. A 3.5mm input gets your portable device in the mix. The rechargeable 24 volt battery takes about four hours to refill, and this thing looks to be quite solid at 21.7 pounds. [Purchase]