Pykmax Guitar Pick

From the Things-We-Really-Didn’t-Think-Would-Ever-Be-Improved-Upon department, comes Pykmax, a new type of guitar pick that promises to let you play faster, with more control, and with a new level of comfort.

Its patented design features the plectrum (the little thin part that actually does the strumming) tucked inside the Pykmax body itself, which fits right in the player’s hand, all but guaranteeing no slips. The makers say because the “gripping” aspect of picking is minimized, Pykmax boosts maneuverability and control. The conscious and sub-conscious focus on picking is also said to vanish when using Pykmax, meaning you can think about other things when strumming—like which awestruck girl to make googly eyes at while you’re working your way through another pretentious but effective John Mayer song. [Purchase]