PuttSkee Skee Ball Golf

Putting golf balls into paper cups not quite as fun as it used to be? If so, it might be time to get yourself the PuttSkee Skee Ball Golf game.

Essentially an old school skee ball game shrunken down and fitted with a special UV resistant nylon turf, this game is an easy addition to the apartment, office, back yard – or all three. Due to its self contained design and attached wheels, it can be folded up and taken anywhere you or your friends want to play. But this is more than just some cheap toy. The game is proudly made by the PuttSkee team in Springdale, Arkansas. Every single piece of the PuttSkee, from the staining of the 9-ply Blatic Birch to the packaging it comes in, receives total care and attention from each member of the staff. That all means when you pick one of these up, you can be confident that it’ll last for years of idle play and goofing around.

Purchase: $500