Push For Pizza

Pizza is easily our favorite comfort food around these parts, and anything that makes getting that delicious pie to our front door easier – well, we’re all for it. Say hello to the greatest app to hit the marketplace this year, Push For Pizza.

The aptly titled application is one of the simplest apps we’ve ever seen, yet it’s also one of the most brilliant. Calling our favorite pizzeria takes away valuable time from the game you’re watching, the ‘Game of Thrones‘ episode you’re enjoying, or the intense COD game you’re destroying kids in. And it gets even worse once the pizzeria employee gets on the phone. They start asking what toppings you want, requesting your address, phone number, card information, and so on. Not with Push For Pizza. This app saves all of your personal details from topping choices to address and payment methods – letting you order pizza with the simple push of a button. Using Ordr.in’s online platform allows pizza lovers the ability to order at just about any pizza joint. Oh yeah, it’s free to download. Check out the awesome video below.