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PurME’s Respirator Mask Boasts Pro-Level Protection In An EDC Package

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At this point in 2020, we’re well-steeped in the various changes that come with a “new normal”. With an ever-growing body of research comes one important realization: face masks are likely our best bet for returning to life as we once knew it. However, not all masks are created equal — when it comes to choosing comfort vs. protection, there’s usually compromises to be had.

The purME respirator gives you the best of both worlds. Made of pliable silicone and weighing only 65g, the purME offers an unrivaled, airtight seal in a washable, lightweight package. It features a design based on industrial-grade respirators, making use of inlet and outlet valves for superior filtration while remaining breathable. The included N95-level HEPA filters provide excellent protection for daily wear, but there’s also an adapter for P100-level filters should you need a near-impenetrable defense. In combination with its form-fitting design, the purME sports a set of comfortable ergonomic straps to keep it in place and on your face. As an added bonus, the optional ‘crystal clear’ colorway is compatible with facial recognition software, meaning no more frustrating fumbling while you unlock your smartphone. You can preorder your purME today for $39 (and up) with delivery slated for November.

Indiegogo: $39+