PurePods Glass Cabins in New Zealand

Oct 4, 2016

Category: Living

If you are the type who wants to have their cake and eat it, too, these little cabins in new Zealand may pique your interest. Made of little else but steel and glass, the PurePods vacation homes combine the best the wilderness has to offer with luxury hotel-level comfort.

The beauty of the surrounding wilderness flows into the structure without compromising on the comfort of the occupants. When staying in the PurePods, star-gazing couples can do just that while laying on a feather soft bead with crisp new sheets. After getting back from a long hike, a warm shower and plenty of good food are there for the taking. Even though these are made of glass, there is no need to worry about privacy. Each of the cabins are located far away from any town and operate completely off of the grid, making them both a comfortable and sustainable way to spend your vacation. Truly the best of both worlds. Cabins rent out for $490 a night. [Purchase]

PurePods 1

PurePods 2

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