Pure McLaren Arctic Experience

Anyone could tell you that owning a McLaren comes with a ton of prestige. But there are also some exceptional perks that come with owning the British supercar that’s the envy of other road-goers. If you’re a McLaren owner with a particular penchant for adventure, you can take your car north to Finland for the Pure McLaren Arctic Experience.

Unless you grew up in a cold-weather climate, it’s likely that you don’t know the travails (and fun) of driving on ice. McLaren offers its patrons the ability to learn at a two-day mini-academy in northern Finland. Driving a snow-outfitted McLaren 570S, enrollees will stay at the McLaren Ice Driving Centre when they’re not careening, sliding, and ripping through the permanently frosty 100km track within the Driving Centre’s confines. Pure McLaren Driver Coaches will help instruct drivers on how to manage at fast paces on the icy road. Spinning out and thrilling slides are probable – as are gourmet meals, experiences with huskies, reindeer, and snowmobiles over the course of the two-day driving experience.

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