PUMA Fit Intelligence

It’s no secret that Nike has been working on adding smart tech features to their footwear in the form of HyperAdapt. But, seemingly out of nowhere, PUMA has unveiled their own similar tech to rival Nike’s. And it’s called Fit Intelligence (FI).

A successor to the brand’s AutoDisc self-lacing tech, FI offers up some major improvements. While it still boasts a cable-based, micromotor-controlled self-lacing system, the new tech now features gesture-control — meaning you wave your hand up or down to tighten or loosen the laces. On top of that, the footwear will also come with a smart sensor that can automatically adapt the fit to the individual wearer and has smartphone app compatibility so you can alter the fit manually, as well. The first FI training shoe will be available in 2020.

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