PubWare Unbreakable Glass Pints

We all have that one friend that likes to take “social drinking” to the next level. Their slippery hands and weak grip when intoxicated leaves you inclined to make them drink from a plastic cup rather than your glassware. Besides, no one wants to deal with cleaning up broken glass anyway. Until now. Thanks to Pubware, you can keep the class without breaking the glass. Their Unbreakable Pint Glasses proved sturdy from rigors testing. Believe us…we tried. And not only does the glass stand up in the face of adversity, but it also keeps your beer colder longer.

Pubware is one of the top drinkware manufacturers for a multitude of bars and restaurants worldwide. You can also personalize them with engravings and never misplace your pint glass at a nightly gathering again. They’re available for $50. [Purchase]