Pub-Nub Handlebar Botte Opener

Sometimes we wonder if the world will ever run out of good ideas. Just when you might think we’ve thought of everything cool under the sun, a new company comes along with a simple product idea that just makes sense. Introducing the Pub-Nub, a simple little bike mounted bottle opener.

The Pub-Nub by Nub Nub (yes, that’s actually the company’s name) is a manufactured in the USA aluminum opener that simply screws onto the end of one of your bicycle’s handlebars. For installation, you simply slide the rubber end into your handle bars, twist the Pub-Nub to its desired fit and then tighten with a 5mm hex wrench. See, we told you it was simple. The Pub-Nub is currently on sale for $19.95 and comes in a Matte Black or Grey finish. [Purchase]

Pub-Nub Handlebar Botte Opener 2

Pub-Nub Handlebar Botte Opener 3