Prong PWR Case for iPhone

As phones continue to become a ubiquitous element in our lives, we’ve managed to place exponentially higher value on their battery life. Because let’s face it, what’s worse than being away from your home or apartment without a charger and watching, helplessly as your precious battery life drains out. That’s where the Prong PWR Case comes into play.

This smartphone case serves as both a backup battery for your phone and protects the sides and back of the device. The quick-release battery is equipped with 2,600 mAh of power, enough to charge your phone once, and also hosts swing-out charging prongs that allow you to ditch the charger, or at least not feel lost without it. So for those evenings that turn into nights and then into mornings, rest assured that you’ll be able to piece together the night’s happenings during your Uber morning-after ride home. Available now for $100. [Purchase]