Prometheus Emergency Key Opener

Not every box that needs opening requires a comprehensive multi-tool, and not every bottle top requires a bulky opener. That’s what the Prometheus Emergency Box/Bottle Opener (EKO) was created for.

All of us already own one (if not several) multi-tools and bottle openers, but this wasn’t made to replace those devices. EKO is a simple, key-sized cutter that not only tears through boxes with ease, but also features a built-in bottle opener for getting the party started. It’s crafted from ultra durable titanium, and seeing that it’s shaped just like a key, it easily attaches to your keychain, adding no bulk to your current EDC kit. The EKO surpassed its goal on Kickstarter, and will retail for $50. It’s also worth noting that it’s made right here in the USA. [Purchase]