PDW Updates Its Invictus Folder With A Bolster Lock & One-Piece Ti Handle

While the iconic Invictus knife has seen a number of different releases over the years, each variation has maintained several key features, including a spearpoint blade; a symmetrical, tapered handle; a set of fullers, and a forward choil. It’s a formula that’s found enormous success with each iteration and, as a result, it’s one that’s ensured the knife’s status as a classic.

The latest version to hit the shelves is the Invictus-IBL, a folder stemming from over 6 years of development with an armload of unique design elements. For instance, the handle has been machined from a solid block of titanium billet, a feature that frustrated countless different shops before it could finally see production. Paired with some perfectly matched G10 scales, it guarantees confident grip with every cut. And when it comes to the blade, PDW has given the Invictus-IBL a premium Böhler M390 stainless steel unit ensuring that this knife is as useful as it is handsome. But the cherry on top has to be the addition of an integral bolster lock design, an upgrade that’s far stronger than a liner lock while still being easily operable with one hand. The Invictus-IBL is available now for $449.

Purchase: $449