Prometheus Design Werx Iliad Field Jacket

With their impeccable styling and dedication to creating some of the toughest gear out there, Prometheus Design Werx has certainly established their place in the outdoor industry. And that position just got even stronger thanks to the release of their first ever soft-shell offering, the Iliad Field Jacket.

As you might gather, the Iliad is a good deal less rigid than hard-shell jackets, those from PDX included. It’s also got built-in flexibility thanks to its American-woven Tweave Durastretch fabric construction, as well as a good deal of breathability. But it’s still tough as nails, as it’s abrasion-resistant and even has a DWR coating for weatherproofing. Along with being an excellent 3+ season jacket, the Iliad also features a wealth of pockets — both inside and out — for all your everyday carry and/or hiking pocket gear, and it’s made specifically to fit over an insulating mid-layer for all-season wear. Get one in green or tan now for $249.

Purchase: $249